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Painting has accompanied me from an early age, no matter whether it was a wall, a piece of paper, canvas or just a glass. The technique of stained glass - glass painted treat not only a passion but also as a stepping stone from everyday life. I paint what he can to impress me with its simplicity, folklore, color and more specific details. I also love sutasz, technique of painting with pastels and sketching in pencil or charcoal. My hobby I deal with as amateurish.


My other hobby are : animals (especially horses, dogs, birds or butterflies), music, books and "curiosity about the world" :)



I wanted to thank my parents for their support in self-improvement in the art of artistic and brother for helping to make my own website.



My struggles in painting you can see on my website which I cordially invite you to.










Agnieszka Gertner - Zboralska